A dozen of tutorials now !

Hey guys, long time no see !

Today I am going to do an inventory of all our live tutorials we recorded since 3 months ! 🙂
Thank you everyone for following us since the beginning (or those who came recently) !

Let me explain one more time our tutorial concept : each friday afternoon (France time zone, UTC+1), we record a live tutorial on our Facebook page (>here<) with a guest for each time ! You can find a list of all the guests at the end of this article. 🙂


Let’s go 😀
Here are the tricks we have seen :
IndexAround reverse
Inverse Sonic
East Sonic
Flush Sonic
Twisted Sonic Bust / Pass Bust


1st tutorial : the ThumbAround
One of the most famous trick for those that don’t know penspinning, the ThumbAround. Also belongs to the Fundamentals penspinning tricks.

The first tutorial of PenSpinning with Leftfinger 🖊🔄🙃 #penspinning #meetstyl #tutorial #stationf

Publiée par STYL sur Vendredi 26 janvier 2018


2nd tutorial : the Pass
Another Fundamental trick, one of the most easy one : the Pass, that consists to transfer the pen between all the fingers.

Here we are again with our second tutorial with Leftfinger ! We have a special guest today : Morgan from monmentor.fr 😃🖊🔄 #penspinning #tutorial #styl #stationf #monmentor

Publiée par STYL sur Vendredi 2 février 2018


3rd tutorial : the Wiper
Very standard trick that consists to spin the pen at one of its edge like a pendulum.

Hi everyone! 3rd live tutorial with Leftfinger!#penspinning #penmodding #tutorial #styl #stationf

Publiée par STYL sur Vendredi 9 février 2018


4th tutorial : the Tap
Still a very common and simple Fundamental trick for beginners but also appreciated by pro. You make the pen rotate on itself by tapping it with one of your finger.

our 4th live tutorial !

4th tutorial with Leftfinger and our very special guest today from Taiwan Kaoru Chang 👩🏻 and another member of our team Paul aka Vôre-Tèx – Pen Modding👱🏻‍♂️ ✏️🔄😃🎥 #penspinning #penmodding #tutorial #stationf #penaddict

Publiée par STYL sur Vendredi 16 février 2018


5th tutorial : the Charge
Even if it looks useless, it is one of the most important of the Fundamental tricks that allows you to understand and execute most of the PenSpinning tricks. The movement of the pen should be like a hourglass.

5th tutorial of Pen Spinning

5th tutorial of PenSpinning with Leftfinger and our precious guest Manon Lebris from Copelican ✏️🔄😃 #penspinng #tutorial #charge #funnyfriday

Publiée par STYL sur Vendredi 23 février 2018


6th tutorial : the Sonic
A kind of hybrid between charge and pass, very famous in penspinning, as much for beginners as for pros 🙂

Tutorial of Pen Spinning "Sonic"

Hey ! We are back with #tutorials with Leftfinger ! ✏️🔄💪Our special guest today is an entrepreneur Norida Ch co-founder of Wivaldy #penspinning #InternationalWomensDay #funnyfriday

Publiée par STYL sur Vendredi 9 mars 2018


7th tutorial : the IndexAround reverse
This trick is the same familly as the ThumbAround (Around familly, you basically can do around for each finger), but on the other way, because it is reverse. 🙂

IndexAroundReverse Tutorial

IndexAroundReverse #tutorial of #penspinning 🔄✏️ with Leftfinger and team of ClapCharts 🎶 #startup #funnyfriday

Publiée par STYL sur Vendredi 16 mars 2018


8th tutorial : the Inverse Sonic

Invers sonic in our tutorial today with Leftfinger and our precious guest Aymeric Penven #penspinning #tutorial #funnyfriday

Publiée par STYL sur Vendredi 23 mars 2018


9th tutorial : the East Sonic

East Sonic > Pen Spinning Tuturial

Tutorial of the day “East Sonic” with Leftfinger and our guest spinner Bruno Martin from QuizFlip #penspinning #pentricks #tutorial #funnyfriday #startup #flashcards #study

Publiée par STYL sur Vendredi 30 mars 2018


10th tutorial : the Fundamentals tricks
A short summary about the Fundamentals tricks we have previously seen 🙂

10th #penspinning #tutorial with Leftfinger ✏️🔄 today subject 👉 FUNDAMENTALS 👈

Publiée par STYL sur Vendredi 6 avril 2018


11th tutorial : the Flush Sonic
The Flush Sonic is a little bit more complex than the regular Sonic, but stays nice to use. You have to use your four fingers from your index to your pinky. It is a good trick if you want to work about flexibility of your fingers.

Today's tutorial : The Flush sonic (and variations) with a pen spinner : Seindfu#StationF #PenSpinning

Publiée par STYL sur Vendredi 13 avril 2018


12th tutorial : the Twisted Sonic Bust (or Pass Bust)
In this video, you will start to see not an only trick, but two consecutive tricks (called a Link) : the Twisted Sonic and the Bust. Pretty popular in PenSpinning world for finishes.

Twisted sonic/pass bust ✏️🔄 in today tutorial with Leftfinger and @seindfu ! #penspinning #tutorial #funnyfriday

Publiée par STYL sur Vendredi 20 avril 2018


The list is done ! Don’t worry we will continue to do live tutorials in the future ! 🙂


Thank you for all guests who accepted to record with us !
2nd tutorial : Morgan from monmentor.fr
4th tutorial : Kaoru Chang
5th tutorial : Manon Lebris from Copelican
6th tutorial :  Norida Ch co-founder of Wivaldy
7th tutorial : Joackim and Olivier, team of ClapCharts
8th tutorial : Aymeric Penven
9th tutorial : Bruno Martin from QuizFlip
11th and 12th tutorial : Seindfu, an old french penspinner.


Thank you for reading ! Don’t hesitate to ask us any question if you are interested about our project or about more tutorials !
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See you !