All the communities of Penspinning around the world


Hola !

After explaining the last week about  how to make some of penmods like comssa or rsvp mx, let’s talk today about the differents communities of penspinning !
Since the evolution of social network, we will see there are differents platforms where penspinners gather together, for sharing content, but also debating or event trading each others and selling stuff !
Let’s go 😉

These lists below may be uploaded with the time.


  • First of all, let see the communities through the Text chat platform for Gamers : Discord. These are the most active.

The French Community >link<

The Universal Community >link<

The Thailand Community >link<

The German Community >link<


  • Now, the boards (forum ):

The French Penspinning Board >link<

JapEn Board >link<

The Portal of Polish PenSpinning >link<

PenSpinnerHome (PSH), from China >link<

German Penspinning Community >link<


  • Let’s see then the differents communities from the social network FACEBOOK. Those are the most active :

Penspinning Polska >link<

International Penspinning >link<

Taiwanese Penspinning forum >link<

Malaysian Penspinning Community >link<

Penspinning Vietnam >link<

Honk Kong Penspinning >link<

PSTB (china on tieda baidu) >link<

Thaispinner >link<


There are also a bunch of groups on Wechat, Whatsapp, Line, QQ and so on… For these one, you need an individual invitation !

Don’t hesitate to take a look around all these groups and communities. If you want to share, talk with others or even sell or buy your pens, these are great enjoyable places to spend good times with penspinners all over the world ! 😉


Thank you for watching and see you the next week !

Next article is going to be about the best penspinners nowadays ! Stay tuned, and see ya !