Best Spinners nowadays


Yo !

After explaining the last week about the differents communities of penspinning, I am going to introduce you most of the best penspinner of the world, from these same communities.
Since the difficulty in penspinning is not only “do the hardest thing in the world”, let be prepared to see a lot of various different kind of spinning. 😉
Let’s go !


First, start with i.suk, from UPSB, living in Australia. Objectively, he is considered as the best spinner in the world considering only the difficulty of his content. Below is a short video about him, his latest one :


DarKT, from Brasil. He did a quite nice improvement this last year and he is surely the best from his country :


Juzzle, from Germany. His content at the World Tournament 2017 is impressive, take a look at this video below 😉 :


Supawit, from Thailand, one of the most respected and talentued penspinner in the world. He started penspinning in 2008. His latest video :


Pixels, from Singapore, who got in finals in the UPSB (universal penspinning board) tournament :



Herenz, from Taiwan, a very great spinner with really impressive tricks :


Diobrando, from New Zealand, who participated at the world tournament 2018 :


And then let’s see Leon, from Thailand too. This video was made in collaboration with Supawit and Peem, another biggest influencer penspinner in the 2008-2009.



Not so much text this time ! I hope you enjoyed these videos of these great penspinners throughout the world ! I know there are a bunch of others great penspinners, but be patient and you’ll discover why I did those choices 😉

Thank you for taking a look at this article and see you next Tuesday ! I am going to write some lines about others disciplines of skilltoys !

See ya~