Embedded world 2018

STYL was the most fun smart object in the expo !

As every year all the community of embedded technologies meet at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. This year there were more then 1,000 exhibitors and STYL was part of it.

We were preparing this big event since the beginning of this year. But why it was so important for us, you may ask? Well, it was THE very first time that we show our prototype in public (and it was a really big public over there). We were so excited and afraid in the same time. We are working on STYL for a while now and the moment when it goes public is like a birthday!

On Monday we prepared our stand and on Tuesday morning the big show began! The first visitors from all over the world were stopping by, asking hundreds of questions and were playing with STYL. Happily Alexis – Leftfinger was there and with enormous enthusiasm was explaining pen spinning and its tricks all three days. Some of them arrive to play even with both hands in the same time! We met a crazy players, the “bad” students who’s looking for a distraction in the classes, jugglers, techies and even the big bosses who’s playing in theirs offices. The fun of a game doesn’t let anyone cold.

The first beta testing of our prototype was successful. Our application and a connected mod was working nonstop all three days. The application of pen spinning and his gameplay gave motivation to many visitors to challenge themselves and their coworkers.

For us it was an unique experience, we get a great feedback, which helps us to ameliorate our technology and make some improvements in the application of pen spinning.

We’d like to thank this way to our partner ST Microelectronics to gave us this great opportunity to present our start up with them in the biggest international technology exposition.

Today, back in Paris in Station F, we are working as fast as we can to improve the product and could release it in Kickstarter.

We’ll keep you informed with our next steps.

xoxo Barb