How to make penmods by yourself


Hey !

After last week article on the different type of penmods, today we’ll talk about how to make some of those !
Together we are going to see some ways to mod basic Double sided and Single sided mods, and I’ll show you that there are no real rules nor limits to pen modding besides the ones of your creativity. Also, I am going to share some penmods tutorial’s weblinks.

Let’s go 😉


First let’s talk about RSVP MX. It’s the “final” version of the very first Single Sided mod invented in the penspinning history. To mod it you only need 2 pens: 1 Pentel RSVP and 1 Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip..


Hybrid Gel Grip

To make it , you just have to put the RSVP grip in the RSVP cap and push them on the RSVP back cap. Then, you put the HGG grip on the front part of the RSVP and screw the HGG tip on the RSVP tip. Additionally, you can put a colored paper inside the RSVP barrel :


Now let’s talk about the Com.ssa. It was popularized around year2005 by Korean spinners , and is one of the first double sided mod ever created. To make it, you’ll need 2 dong-a computer sign pen,  grips from dong-a anyball, and two hybrid gel grip tips for the metallic version (heavier and longer).

computer sign pen from dong-a

anyball from dong-a

Com.ssa is super easy to make: take the two computer sign pen caps and put one at each ends of one of the computer sign pen barrel. Cut the grips by following along their lines with a cutter and a X-acto , then put those pieces of grips on each cap. If you want a heavier version, screw one hybrid gel grip tip (the one used for the RSVP MX as well) on the computer sign pen cap.

Comssa from Jetpens. Sold with stickers called outserts on the barrel

If you are interested about making others penmods, I advise you to check the websites below :
>Gathering of pens<, blog owned by Ponkotu, Saifon and Bonzin (the most famous japanese pens collectors). You will find tutorials in japanese here.
– >Penmodding< also called as TheSpyre, owned by Vôre-Tèx (me :D). Tutorial here are in english.
– Tutorials from >the french penspinning board<, tutorials in french.

From these 3 links, you have severals hundred of tutorials to help you make pen spinning mods! In the thext articles, we’ll deal with the ways to purchase the pens used in penmodding and  I’ll tell you about  the differents place where penspinners gathers on the internet, such as community by country, online chats and so on !

See ya next week 😉