PenSpinning Learning Guide


Hello guys ! 🙂

After explaining the last week about where to practice penspinning, let’s see together about a penspinning tricks learning guide ! First, I want to say how very grateful I am to Megas, an excellent spinner from the >french penspinning community<, who took the time to write this guide.


Take a deep breath and go !


I already see some of you doing grimaces by the weird and incomprehensible names of the tricks but do not worry ! We, team of STYL, are already doing tutorials of these tricks ! You can check and read this article about the current tutorials we have done >here< !

Thank you for reading ! The next week, I am going to explain you the terms of this guide, such as slot, palm up/down/side, reverse, mirrored.


See ya !

-Paul- Vore-Tèx