The modified pens for PenSpinning

Salut !

After explaining the last week about weird terminologies of penspinning, today let’s talk about tools to play ! Indeed ,since many years, penspinners have invented their own tools.
Together we will see the differences between those different tools, shape and feeling wise.

First of all, you should know that the shapes of these tools (let’s call them penmods) take the shape of regular writing instrument, such as Twin Marker and ballpoint pen with cap :

Stamp Twin Marker from Kodomo No Kao

R.S.V.P. from Pentel


The first one inspired the shape of the tool called Double Cap and the second one inspired the shape of the tool called Single Cap.
Let’s see one famous Double Cap and one famous Single Cap 😉


Below is a Double Cap, named Bonito’s Com.ssa ( the inventor’s username is Bonito), made by >Oribia<, a japanese pen maker. As you can notice, it has two caps, as a twin marker.


Below is a Single Cap, named RSVP MX (the inventor’s username is KAM), made by >ponkotu<, also a japanese pen maker and pen collector. It has only one cap, as an unmade RSVP pentel :


Each typology of penmods has their own qualities. Most of the spinners prefer the first (double cap). Indeed, they can perfom and learn more efficiently because of the good weight distribution.
In the other hand, people also like single cap penmods because it looks like more like a real pen and it is basically harder to spin than double cap : from its shape, the weight distribution from the center is a bit unbalanced and players can get a different feeling than double cap penmods. And since penspinners love challenge, a lot of them love spinning the Single Cap one.


Thank you for reading again ! Next week, the article will be about how to make penmods !

See ya~



Oribia’s Twitter >link<
Ponkotu’s website >link<