Weird terminologies explained



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After explaining the last week about a penspinning tricks learning guide from Megas, I am going to give you some details relative to it, such as weird terminologies. For exemple hand and his fingers have particular names as well as we can identify different families of figures with small modifications depend of their execution.


  • Reverse trick : the regular trick but rewinded in time
    ex :
    – Regular sonic[1]

    – Reverse sonic


  • Finger slot also called Slot

“For convenience pen spinners have adopted a common numbering to represent the fingers and the spaces between them, called finger slots. The fingers are numbered sequentially from “1” for the index finger, to “4” for the little finger, and the letter “T” is used for the thumb. Finger slots are represented by placing any two or more of these together. For example, the space between the index and middle fingers is called “12.” A pen held between the thumb and ring finger is in slot “T3.”[2]



  • Mirrored : similar to the reverse but it is a symmetry in space.[3] This just a definition. You will understand more with concrete examples later, since this is a complex word in penspinning. But if you really are interested about what mirrored means compared reverse and regular, you can watch this >video< from Fel2fram about the trick “powerpass”.


  • Palm
    – Palm up : the palm is turned upwards
    – Palm side  the palm is turned on a side
    – Palm down : the palm is turned down


All the terms used on our last article are explained here. I hope you got everything !

Next week, let’s talk about what is a modified pen for penspinning !

See ya~



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