What is PenSpinning ?

Hey there, this is Paul !

Today I am going to explain you clear and short what is pen spinning, since the purpose of STYL is focused about this discipline.


As pen mod maker, I consider pen spinning as a contemporary activity. Thereby, we can’t assign it only one definition. Depending of the opinions, we can define it by two main ways : one about the tool used, the other about the using.

What is pen spinning

  • Historically, we can say that pen spinning is a writing instrument handling. Any movement you do with your pen with your hand can be considered as pen spinning. Even though you play┬áconsciously or not, it is still the same.


  • Basically, pen spinning concerns tricks. Several thousands of unique tricks exist and each of them can be listed. At the same time, even if you use a fork, a wood stick or metal rod while doing those tricks, you are still playing the same discipline.


In short, you have to know that pen spinning is not a closed practice but a very free one and in the next fews weeks, I am going to write more articles about it. Let’s keep in touch if you are interested !

See ya !

– Paul