When to train pen spinning

I am Leftfinger and I am happy to write my first article on the blog 🙂

Today, I will address this question :

When are the best moments to train in pen spinning ?

Because our discipline does not need an entire room to be practiced, the fun thing about pen spinning is that you can do it almost everywhere !
Here are 3 tips for you :
1-When you want to learn some new tricks, practice pen spinning on your bed, because it does no sound when the pen drops !

2-One of the first ideal place for training is obviously in school, where lot of people learn the thumbaround. In school, you have to take care of your pen, which can drop easily and make a lot of noise. So, here is my trick to avoid this situation : move back a bit from your seat in order to spin over your legs. When the pen drops, it goes directly on your clothes and does no sound.

3-What is really awesome with pen spinning is that you can practice your execution and smoothness when watching a series or a movie. It is the best time to train the tricks or linkages you are learning without concentration.

With these 3 tips, you can practice pen spinning for around 8 hours per day without really noticing it !

Keep spinning !