Where to learn penspinning ?


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Where to learn penspinning ? There is no restriction about the places where we can learn news tricks and of course, the most important is to know yourself about if you prefer playing inside or outside. Basically, you can learn penspinning at any place where you can use a regular pen.

Anyway, it seems that some details are importants for me. Learning tricks requiers patience and motivation. If you have time, take a look at this 3 min video, from the Youtube channel Goal Guys :


This video is quite interesting about where to learn penspinning for news tricks : we can see that the guy went naturally in a quiet room. Since learning news tricks requiers a lot of concentration, it seems normal that your brain need to be focused only in your hand, your fingers and your pen. Nothing else.

In conclusion, I advise (new) pen spinners to learn tricks at quiet places, places where you can be sitten and relaxed or be feel good, since you’ll spend several hours on the tricks. And of course, don’t forget to do breaks during your learning !


Thank you for reading this third article and see you next week where I am going to talk about where to practice penspinning, after learning the tricks !

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-Paul – VĂ´re-Tex