Where to practice PenSpinning


Hello guys ! Paul there 🙂

After explaining the last week about where to learn penspinning, I am going to give you some examples of places where you can practice it. But first of all, let’s differenciate “learning” and “practicing”.

Of course, both of them use pen and tricks. While the first need the focus of your mind – so, basically better on a quiet place – on your pen and fingers, the second doesn’t really need it. It is also from this moment – when you know tricks enough and quite trained – that you can start doing freestyles, that is to say sequence of tricks.

Freestyles can be practiced EVE-RY-WHE-RE : any place you can get a pen, you can spin. Alexis wrote an article about it (check this >link< if you didn’t see it yet) and that is what I can say more.

Below are some videos I love and it can give you ideas about the places that we can practice penspinning. The most common position is being standing ; quite hard when you are still at the learning phase.

Take your time and enjoy those amazing outside PenSpinning videos 🙂


Plume – Pen spinning moment : the player’s name is Cox, from the french penspinning community. A very peaceful video.


Smile – a PenSpinning Hint : Smile, also a french PenSpinning player, spins at Bordeaux, France on this video.


Pen Spinning | The Origin : on this video, you will see some famous Japanese players on a park at Tokyo, Japan.


A day enjoy PenSpinning with Leon, Supawit, Peem : here are one of the biggest personalities in penspinning history from Thailand.


Chinese Awesome Pen Spinning Relay ! When PenSpinning becomes a real funny game !


Airgear Day session【You are not a bear】 : a cool video from a chinese guy, Airgear


Thank you for reading and watching this fourth article !
See you next week where I am going to talk about the order of learning for tricks with the help of Megas, a great french penspinner !

See ya !

-Paul – Vôre-Tex