Who invented PenSpinning ?


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Who invented penspinning?! It is a difficult question and I’ll try to explain it to you today. My name is Paul, known as Vôre-Tex and we’ll see each other regularly every week on this blog. There is no official date and official inventor, let’s do first some assumptions from the two definitions I gave you the last week (see >here<).

From that, we can guess that penspinning was not invented by someone or by a group of people, but since the human being started to write with a writing instrument. If we consider a writing instrument as a tool and a tool as an extension of the hand, so basically, penspinning could have been invented from prehistoric men.

Anyway, let’s talk about more detailed info. As the website of the >Japan Pen Spinning Federation< says, penspinning has been popularized from the 70s in Japan, during the high economic growth. During this period, considering the huge demands of entries at universities from high school students, they started to work very hard in order to be selectionned ( we can call it the “university entrance examination war”). From their hard work, young Japanese students started to practice penspinning. And from this practice, we can guess that they may have needed to release the important anxiousness of those exams.

So we can conclude that Pen spinning is not originally a practice about the boredom but an activity to release the stress while working. Many of us feel stressed about our jobs. The pressure, high expectation and fast changing make us stressed and tired. One of a proven method to release the stress is “fidgeting”, playing with an object in the hands. One of the most popular is … Pen spinning. In a way, it has not been invented by someone but by a range age of people : students.


Thank you for reading this second article and see you next week where I am going to talk about where to learn penspinning !

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