The first connected pen,
made for playing.

Challenge your friends and learn some great tricks with our pen spinning app !

The first connected pen,<br>made for playing.

Are you ready to try a new style of pen spinning ?

Connected pen with an app on your smartphone
Connected pen with an app on your smartphone

Thanks to STYL, connect your smart pen directly to your phone. You will be able to check your performance while doing some pen spinning with statistics and milestones.

Training, challenges and freestyle
Training, challenges and freestyle

App includes 3 different modes: you can learn new tricks by following tutorials, challenge your friends in a battle or maybe just have fun with the freestyle mode!

Meet with our awesome community
Meet with our awesome community

Pen Spinning community is only one click away from you, wherever you are. And competition has never been easier. Be prepared for the next Pen Spinning World Cup.



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Why play with STYL?

We are not here to save the world. Pen spinning is for fun. We found this activity helpful to stay focused during boring meetings or school classes while working on your projects.

Re-focus while having fun !

Pen Spinning, turning the pen around your fingers. An activity between the sport, art and performance. We designed the first connected pen for play to be simply smart and sexy, that it can belongs to students or a CEO.

Studies show that while spinning, you relieve a stress, increes focus and improove productivity. You don’t have to be a professional to begin to play with a pen. App is designed to be helpfull like for beginers so for profesionals in their discipline.
The first step is spin a pen.

Get your Styl !

Be one of the first people to get it.

3 different ways to play ...


The freestyle mode allow you to test new figures or combos. The app will record the statistics of your session as well as to get exported your movements like a short video what you can share with your friends.


Starting Pen Spinning is easy and fun but it’s harder to keep up the motivation when you think you are not progressing any longer. For your learning we included in the app tutorials with videos and their explanation.


The funniest part of our app is surely the challenges. We gamify the Pen Spinning for new players and formers too. You might compare you progress with your friends thanks to the leaderboard.

... With an awesome team

For a year now we are living this adventure together. Six people motivate and passionate for games. Each of us brings a very personal different skills to our startup; technology, design, communication and programming. All of it to create an awesome product for you.

Barbara Morin

Barbara Morin

CEO & Founder

Founder and CEO of STYL, originally graphic designer and strategist. Crazy woman passionate with digital innovations and gaming.

Zacharie Chapuset

Zacharie Chapuset

CTO & CoFounder

Co-founder and CTO of STYL. Young electronic engineer with many skills who’s managing creation of our product and tech team.

Etienne Le Quéré

Etienne Le Quéré

Data scientist

Software developer specialise in algorithms. He is our magician with a huge capacity to analyse, optimise and decrypting codes.

Mazen Dekhil

Mazen Dekhil

Software engineer

Software developer killer with hidden skills for dance and rhythm. Managing our pen spinning mobile application.

Paul Donadieu de Lavit

Paul Donadieu de Lavit

Product designer

Talented creator of modified pens for Pen Spinning since 2009 known as Vôre-Tèx. Our product designer and community manager on social networks.

Alexis Rozanski

Alexis Rozanski

Pen Spinner PRO

French champion of Pen Spinning from 2015. Big philosopher with an killer dexterity skills for jongling disciplines.

Maxime Mathieu

Maxime Mathieu


A Belgium pen spinner with a great experience of organisation the tournaments of pen spinning for professional.


You can find tips, tricks and performances on our blog. As well as stories from the creation of the STYL. It is a big adventure and we are happy to share it with you.

Interested ? Let's talk !

Incubatated in Station F

We are currently based in Station F, the biggest incubator in the world in the heart of Paris. Come to have a coffee with us!

  • +33 6 58 95 35 76


  • 55 Boulevard Vincent Auriol, 75013 Paris, France